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$45 per/hr for one-on-one setting

$30 per/hr for small group setting


Details: Maman et Moi (Mummy and Me) program is a great experience for both mother and baby. The class combines education with music and storytelling. We offer one and one setting or small group.


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Every child has the ability to learn multiple languages. The brain of a child is like a sponge. Children should be introduced to languages, apart from their mother tongue, at birth. Learning multiple languages at a young age gives the child the ability to grasp the native accent.

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For children to have an interest in languages, multiple languages should be taught at birth and in preschool rather than in high school. When you are a child, you acquire language, rather than to learn it.


After the age of 10, learning a foreign language becomes harder and feels like work. Learning multiple languages open many doors to one future, such as jobs. Tt also gives you the ability to communicate with others and exposes you to many other cultures, and allow you to understand other people’s customs. 

 I have taught French to a little girl when she was four months old. She had been exposed to English and Spanish since birth. 


Now, as a fourteen months old she is able to say  words in all three languages like:


  • “goodbye, baby” in English,

  • “agua, baño” in Spanish,

  • “un, bebe” in French.


 If she continues to learn English, French and Spanish by the time she will be six,  she will be multilingual. This little girl is a proof that when exposed to multiple languages at an early age, the brain has the capacity to learn as many languages as desired without being confused.


Research shows that an infant’s brain comes pre-wired to learn languages, and children begin to build their language skills from birth, using the sound of the language they are exposed to.

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