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Chimmy Alphabet book (from A to Z) helps toddlers and children of all ages learn how to say, read and write basic words in 5 different foreign languages including English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. This early foreign languages development tool contains colorful and captivating pictures of Chimmy and his friends. It also contains an audio CD that teaches the correct pronunciation of each word, making the learning process interactive and fun for all. To Order go to

A look into the making of the new multi-language children's book, "Chimmy Loves Fruits and Vegetables," written by Patricia Paigerac, video produced by To pre-order or learn more about Chimmy Visit

The Tot's Cafe interviewed Patricia Paigerac on her children's books, Chimmy 5in1 Languages. We hear the story behind her four educational books. Find out more about Patricia's children's books visit Brought to you by The Tot's Cafe.

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