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Gabriele Eggerling as Chimmy’s voice

Gabriele Eggerling (born in 2003) is an american child actor and has over a dozen film projects credited to his name, including recent inspirational roles of a cancer patient and child rising above bullying.

Gabriele is currently studying languages: Italian, French and Spanish and hopes to begin Chinese soon. Gabriele has written two children’s books regarding nutrition and the environment and he is passionate about his position as a spokeschild for an animated children’s series teaching environmentalism while supporting aligned national charities for children.

Gabriele has been a fan of Chimmy for the past 3 years and has the entire collection of Chimmy books and DVD. Gabriele is proud now to join the ”Chimmy 5in1 languages” team as the voice of Chimmy.

Chimmy loves you Gabriele!

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