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The Best Age to Learn a New Language

The Best Age to Learn a New Language - Patricia Paigerac - Chimmy 5in1 Languages

Learning a foreign language can sound daunting and difficult but understanding the best time in life to start learning may make all of the difference.

Studies have shown that learning a new language before the age of 10 can pose many benefits, including ease of learning. Contrary to popular belief, the ideal age at which a child should start to learn a second language would be around 3 or 4. This is due to the fact that a child's mind is growing and creating new connections constantly, thus this elasticity enables them to tap into their highly flexible and creative minds for enhanced learning!

Prior to the age of 10, learning a second language becomes just as easy as learning the first! There are many benefits to learning a second language during this period of a child's life that can help shape their future trajectory and outlook on the world. The first of which is represented in the accent the child takes on for the given language, in other words, learning a second language as a child helps them grasp the native accent. Now that’s a pretty great advantage to learning a foreign language as a child!

Another benefit of learning a second language before the age of 10 would be that it helps a child's brain grow physically! Studies have proven that there is a larger region of grey matter in individuals who are bilingual, which can translate into better task management and executing higher focus during the case of multi-tasking. This fact can result in better career opportunities down the line and better grades and test scores during their education.

As if these benefits aren’t enough to rush your child to the closest language school, here are a few more to add to the plate. Learning a second language as a child boosts creativity, increases empathy, raises cross-cultural understanding, decreases age-related cognitive decline, and allows them to speak to more people from around the world!

With French, Spanish, and Mandarin being some of the top spoken languages across the world, Chimmy 5in1 Languages Center is here to provide your child with both fully immersive individual or group language classes! We love to spread the wonder that is a foreign language and help our next generation thrive because of it!

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